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YourSiteClix is a company affiliated with It was established by two educators in Ontario in August, 2004 after discussions with the local Chamber of Commerce. That discussion centered around the services offered by Sportclix; the advice from the Chamber was that non-sports groups would benefit from such a unique service. Both businesses operate out of Guelph , Ontario , Canada .

The service provided by YourSiteClix is Internet based where clients can become part of an online community - a unique place where users can 'click' with each other in one place.

There are many web sites that various groups have independently. Many require expertise in web page set up and management and also charge monthly fees for space and content uploads. Some will not allow you to control the content. Others are part of a "package" offered by commercial Internet providers and are difficult to find on the Internet because they are "alone". Still other commercial versions have "pop ups" and "advertising buttons" that interfere with the mandate of the user(s).

YourSiteClix provides an opportunity to bring such sites "together" in one community site that is easily accessed, uncluttered, personally created, very affordable and most importantly - user friendly. Those who choose YourSiteClix are potentially connecting themselves in one location to hundreds of other web site users; hence the term "communities". is an internet domain and service that is focused on serving the various users who wish an economical web site that is easily accessed and maintained without using a "middle person" or without continuous added fees.


Mission Statement

The mission of Yoursiteclix is to assist clients in developing an interactive web site that is positive, wholesome and easy to interact with. We consider integrity and respect of every user to be paramount. Every attempt will be made to ensure that the material and information on the website is deemed appropriate for all audiences.


Terms and Conditions

The posting or transmittal of any material that could constitute or be considered a criminal offence or be in violation of any law is prohibited as per our "Terms of Use". All Yoursiteclix users and affiliates must uphold the integrity, dignity and respect due all persons.


Our Users

We serve both the paid customer and the viewer. Customers would be assigned a personalized "username" and "password" in order to upload or directly input personalized text and visual material. Viewers/audiences can get access to the site of their choice and view it without the ability to manipulate any data. The viewer can search for web sites using our database by submitting a search request.



This community may include personal, business, non-profit and related activity groups serving various ages. As such, it is deemed appropriate for all audiences with a focus on
* families * cottage renters * schools * friends
* churches * special interest groups * choirs * newly weds
* small, medium and large businesses
* friends and family who wish to "click" from afar and see how you are doing



The services and features we provide are quite diverse as indicated below. Users can:
* reduced impact on the environment with the reduction of paper in communication. Reduce phone chains, e mails and mailings.
* No maintenance. Yoursiteclix does that for you. No "pop ups". No clutter!
* display pictures, names, statistics and/or information on a participant, team or organization
* display messages from the owners; workers; sales department; service department; Human Relations
* offer your contacts such information in a quick and reliable fashion
* allows users to network information with contacts including online commerce or registration

* offer information; registration; locations (maps); results; pictures
* post profiles for regional, provincial, or national distribution

* build "scrapbooks" or archives by cutting/pasting the posted information
* use articles to enhance performances or visibility
* provide the media such as newspapers with added information to highlight events
* highlight sponsors/supporters who support your community activities
* link sponsors with persons or groups who may have an interest in your group or business
* offer the user links to other supportive sites such as regional or national association provider sites.


On Line Assistance

We offer on line assistance in a Video Tour. It takes you through the steps to assist you in creating, developing, maintaining and monitoring the site. The tour helps you to upload text, pictures, buttons and animations. We suggest that you work with our templates on which the Video Tour is built. Your skills will be enhanced and your web site will see the benefits! We can offer assistance directly as well; give us an e mail or a phone call.


Sponsor Features

Sponsors supporting groups can add a link which can direct viewers to a business or provider site. We are discouraging the use of "pop ups" and will attempt to reduce the clutter of ad postings on a site. Businesses who are looking for teams/charities to sponsor on the web site can contact us at and we can assist that business in connecting with a team, individual or group seeking sponsors.



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